Hi! We are Megan and Bryan Patrick and we have two of our own furry babies named Oakley and Remington! We met at Berry College in Rome, Georgia and instantly bonded over our love for football and puppies. After getting married in November 2019, we set our sights back to Rome, Georgia where we hope to create our own family one day. 

We were instantly met with the lack of dog shop options here in Rome, and one day we hope to open our own brick and mortar store. With the lack of dog shops came the lack of healthy alternative snacks for our pups. We don't like all of the artificial preservatives put in treats today to keep them "fresh" so we decided to make our own treats! After many different tries we found the perfect recipe and every dog that we have given them to has loved them! 

We hope that over the next few months or years that we will be able to expand our brand to include other treats such as dog ice creams, new flavor treats and even non treat options such as bandanas and dog toys! No matter what is thrown our way, our love for all dogs will never go away. We love to support our local dog shelters and even are going to supply them with some free treats to help puppies get adopted! It is our mission to help get all of the animals out of the shelters and into loving homes!